Home care assistance

It’s a better strategy for the day when you can no longer care for yourself. While over 70% of Canadians 65-plus will require future care due to aging, illness or accident, government funding for home care is limited at best.1 Home Care Assistance lets you receive the care you need in the comfort of your own home.


Start planning your care, your way

A 2020 survey2 told us the majority of Canadian seniors want to continue living at home vs. a retirement home or long term care facility. And while over 70% of Canadians 65-plus will ultimately need future care, government funding for home care is very limited. What’s more, many are transferred to a care facility or placed in hospitals because they can’t engage in the activities of daily living. Yet with a little support, they could remain at home.

Home Care Assistance is a personal care plan, a reimbursement insurance program that allows you to be a consumer of care, with full control over the care you are provided. It helps protect your independence and savings, while maintaining your dignity during one of the most disruptive and expensive times in life.

Home Care Assistance allows you to receive the care you need in the comfort of your own home. Benefits can help you pay for home care equipment, supplies and services, prepared meals, transportation, home renovations, and even a personal support worker who can assist you with laundry, homemaking, groceries, community outings and personal care – whatever you need.


Easy application with health declaration


There’s no waiting period for benefits

95% of applicants are approved

Even those declined for LTC insurance


$50,000 coverage starts at $53.20/month3

Our plan offers Home Care Benefits, with reimbursement for essential services, supplies and equipment while you’re physically or cognitively dependent and residing at home. And the Health Plan Benefits provide reimbursement for eligible expenses that are incurred as the result of an illness or injury. For a complete list of plan benefits, click Important Plan Details.

Our program partners MyDignity offer qualified, unbiased advice regarding your future care. They’ll take the time to assess your support requirements, and then explain which essential services, supplies and equipment are most likely to be needed.

They’ll walk you through the entire process – premiums, application forms and eligibility criteria – to ensure you have a clear understanding of your options.

Let MyDignity create a customized personal care plan just for you!


Take control of your future care

Whether you’d like a no-obligation quotation or more information, call today. Our program partners MyDignity will answer your questions, explain your options and help select the coverage that's right for your needs and budget: 1.877.851.4520.

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