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The right protection for the right price; get more without having to pay more. A program that offers multiple coverage options and value-added benefits, with better rates and discounts that reward the responsible home ownership and good driving habits of Canadians 55-plus.

Collision Reporting Kit

Free Collision Reporting Kit

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IBC Home Inventory Checklist

Home Inventory Checklist

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Available discounts

We start with the lowest possible rates for responsible homeowners / renters and good drivers 55-plus. You may be able to take advantage of these discounts to save even more:

Home insurance discounts

  • Combined Policies: Save when your property policy is packaged with an automobile policy.
  • Renewal / Loyalty: Some insurers may offer savings in recognition of their valued, renewing customers.
  • Home Alarm: Save if your home is equipped with an approved, centrally monitored, burglar and fire alarm system.
  • Mortgage-Free: Save if your home is mortgage-free.
  • Claim-Free: Save if you’ve been claim-free for a specified period.
  • New Home: Save depending on the age of your insured home.
  • Credit Information: You could obtain an additional discount when buying or renewing your home insurance. By providing the insurance company with consent to access to your credit information, you could save as much as 60%. It’s secure and confidential.

Auto insurance discounts

  • Combined policies: Save when your automobile policy is packaged with a property policy.
  • Recreational Vehicles: Additional savings may be available for policyholders who add coverage for all-terrain vehicles, snowmobiles, motorhomes, and motorcycles to their automobile insurance policy.
  • Renewal / Loyalty: Some insurers may offer savings in recognition of their valued, renewing customers.
  • Graduated Licensing: Savings may apply for Ontario residents transitioning from a beginner’s drivers license (G1) to a G2 or a full license.
  • Retiree: Savings for qualifying principal operators who are retired.
  • Multi-Vehicle: Savings for each additional, qualified vehicle you include on your policy.
  • Conviction-Free: Some insurers may offer savings if you have a clean record.
  • Student Away From Home: Discounts may be available for a qualifying student who is away at school.
  • Winter Tire Discount: You may be eligible for a discount on your auto insurance premium if your vehicle* is equipped with four winter tires. To qualify, you must install and maintain four winter tires on your vehicle during the winter season, as per insurer’s specifications.


Get the right coverage for the best price

Whether you’d like a quotation or more information, call today. Licensed insurance specialists are ready to answer your questions, explain your options, help select the right coverage for your needs and ensure you receive all discounts to which you are entitled: 1.888.432.3284.

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